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Meditation   -  For solo flute and flute choir  (1983) 

Commissioned for the 1983 Florida Flute Fair

Premiere: Florida Flute Fair, Sarah Baird Fouse (fl), with the Univ. of FL. Flute choir,

Univ. of FL., Gainesville, FL ( 2-83),

Published:  Southern Music Co. (1984)


Paris 1987  -  For flute, clarinet , bassoon  (1987)

Premiere: Susan McQuinn (fl), Steven Owens (cl), Julie Fox (bsn), Univ. of Central FL., Orlando, FL  (4-24-88)

Published:  Southern Music  Co. (1988)


Dimensions Two  -  For clarinet and piano  (1988)

Premiere: Steven Owens (cl),  Stella Sung (pn), Univ. of Central FL., Orlando, FL (Spring 1988)Awarded Second Place, Austin Peay State University Center for the Creative Arts, National Composition Contest, Clarksville, TN.                    


Three Dances - For flute and piano  (1990)     

Commissioned by Donna Wissinger, flautist

Premiere: Donna Wissinger (fl), Rick Ross (pn), St. Petersburg Museum of Art, St. Petersburg, FL (8-5-90)

Commercial recording: Erocia Classical Recordings, JDT3031 ( 2000), Donna Wissinger, fl.


Three Fantasy Pieces  - For cello and piano  (1991)Commissioned by Tilmann Wick (cello) and Heasook Rhee (piano)

Premiere: Tilmann Wick (Vc), Heasook Rhee (pn), Phillips Collection, Washington, D.C.(2-6-91),European premiere: Schauspielhaus Concert Hall,

Berlin, Germany (11-2-91)        


Epicycles  - For piano four-hands  (1992)

Commissioned by David Renner and Betty  Mallard, duo pianists; Commissioned for the 50th Anniversary Concert for Jessen Auditorium, Univ. of  TX. at Austin, Austin, TX.    

Premiere: David Renner, Betty Mallard, (pn), Jessen Auditorium, Univ. of TX. at Austin, Austin, TX (10-17-92)                


Sur La Mémoire -  For soprano saxophone and piano (1993)

Commissioned by Claude Delangle (saxophone)

Premiere: Claude Delangle (sop. Sax.),Odile Catlin-Delangle (pn),

Musikhochshule, Freiburg, Germany (11-23-95)

Published: Editions Henry Lemoine (France),  (1998)


Petite Suite - For solo cello and cello choir  (1994)

Commissioned by the MERIT Music Program, Chicago, IL 

Premiere: Yo-Yo Ma, Vc., and cello choir of the MERIT Music Program.,MERIT Music, Chicago, IL (5-7-94)


Le Cirque Mysterieux -  For flute and piano (1995)

Commissioned by the New Renaissance Chamber Artists (NY, NY)

Premiere: Janet Axelrod (fl), Stella Sung (pn), Washington Square Church, NY, NY (5-6-94)


The Orange and Blue Rag - For flute and piano (1997)

Written for the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Co-Education at the University of Florida, Gainesville, FL.

Premiere: Donna Wissinger (fl), Stella Sung (pn) University of Florida Memorial Auditorium, Gainesville, FL (9-18-97)

Commercial recording:  Eroica Classical Recordings,  JDT3031 (2000).


Three Songs - For soprano, clarinet, and piano (1997)

Commissioned by the Lyric Arts Trio, Kansas City, KA.

Premiere: Suzanne Hillis ackin (sop). ,Elena Lence Talley (cl), Leah Hokanson (pn), Park College Chapel, Parkville, MO (6-1-98)


Moods of the Pacific  -For soprano, oboe, bassoon, and piano (1998)

Commissioned by the Buried Treasures Ensemble, Buffalo, NY.

Premiere: Adrienne Tworek-Gryta (sop),Ronald Richards (ob), Darlene Jussila (bsn.), Persis Vehar (pn.),  Allen Hall, University of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY (4-4-98)


Dance of the White Lotus under the Silver Moon- For  flute and harp (1998)

Commissioned by the Azure Ensemble.

Premiere: Susan Glaser (fl), Emily Mitchell (harp)

Merkin Hall, NY,NY (4-11-99)

Commercial recording: KOCH International recordings, 3-7497-2H1 2000), Susan Glaser, fl.


Tropicana- For saxophone Quartet (1999)

Commissioned by the PRISM Saxophone Quartet (NY,NY)

Premiere: PRISM Saxophone Quartet Christ and St. Stephens Church, NY, NY (6-13-99)


Night Bloom - For clarinet (B-flat), violin, viola, violoncello (2000)

Commissioned by the Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art

Premiere:  Jacoby Concert Hall, Florida Times Union Performing Arts Center, Jacksonville, FL (2-27-00)

Non-commercial CD recording: Jacksonville Museum of 

Modern Art, Jacksonville, FL., 2000


Spirali - For Guitar and Piano (2004)

Commissioned by Ensemble Trois Movements

Premiere: Ensemble Trois Movements, Morelia, Mexico, XIV International Guitar Festival (3-17-04)


Jubilee Dance - For Flute Choir (2007)

Commissioned by the Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra, 50th Anniversary season

Premiere: Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra Flute Choir, Susan McQuinn (cond.), Orlando Baptist Church, Orlando, FL (2-01-07)


String Quartet no. 1, the "Ellis Island"  - For String Quartet (2008)

Commissioned by Dance Alive! National Ballet

Premiere: Dance Alive! National Ballet, Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, Gainesville, FL (3-20-09)

Recipient of a 2009-10 "Met the Composer" award.


Vista Dreams - For Trumpet and Piano (2010)

Commissioned  by Lyman Brodie (trpt.)

Premiere: Lyman Brodie (trpt.),  Dallas, TX (6-10)


Pulse--for clarinet quintet (2011)

Commissioned by the Buffet Crampon Company

Premiere: July  2011


Abstractions- for basset clarinet and piano (2012)

Commissioned by Peter Wright, III

Premiere: Peter Wright, III.  International Clarient Assn. conference, Lincoln, NE.(8-4-12).


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