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Fanfare for the Knights -For trumpet ensemble (1993)

Composed for the UCF trumpet ensemble

Premiere: UCF Trumpet Ensemble, John Almeida (cond), UCF "Kick-off" concert, Univ. of Central FL.,Orlando, FL  (8-31-93)


Fanfare -  For brass ensemble (1993)

Commissioned for the Dayton Symphony Orchestra, Dayton, OH.

Premiere: Dayton Symphony Orch., John Whitney (cond)., Dayton Symphony Orchestra concert, Dayton, OH (10-8-93).

Published: Rental Catalog-- Southern Music Co. (1994)


Pegasus Dances with the Stars - For trumpet ensemble (1998)

Commissioned by the University of Central Florida Trumpet Ensemble

Premiere: International Trumpet Guild conference,

John Almeida, cond., UCF Trumpet Ensemble, Lexington, KY (5-27-98)


Towards Light - For Brass Ensemble (2006)

Commissioned by the International Womens Brass conference

Premiere: Monarch Brass Ensemble, Illinois State University, Normal, IL (6-15-06)





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