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Concerto for Piano and Chamber Orchestra  -   For piano and chamber orchestra (1989) 

Commissioned by the Gainesville Chamber Orchestra, Gainesville, FL.

Premiere: Stella Sung (pn), Raymond Chobaz (cond), Univ. of FL. Symphony Orch., University Auditorium, Univ. of FL, Gainesville, FL (11-11-89)


Chameleon Dances -   For cello and chamber orchestra (1995)

Commissioned by the German Ministry of Culture, Rhineland-Pfalz

Premiere: Tilmann Wick (Vc), Kurpfälzischen Chamber Orch.Jiri Malat (cond), Dreifaltigkeitskirche, Speyer, Germany  (10-3-95)


Rhapsody - For solo marimba and orchestra (1999)

Commissioned by percussionist Elizabeth Radock-Gottleib, 

and the Bach Festival Orchestra, Orlando, FL.

Premiere: Rollins College, Bach Festival Orchestra, Elizabeth Radock Gottlieb (Marimba), John Sinclair (cond.), Bach Festival Orch. Winter Park, FL 



Concerto for Two Violins and Orchestra - For two Violins and Orchestra (2005)

Commissioned by the University of Central FL Symphony Orch.

Premiere: University of Central FL Symphony Orch., and violinists Ayako Yonetani and Aiman Mussakajaeva, Laszlo Marosi (cond.)

Premiere: St, Lukes Lutheran Church, Oviedo, FL.( 4-14-/16-05)


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