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Moments Musicaux -Bk. I, -  For solo piano  (1984)

Premiere: Florida State Music Teachers Association conference (1984),

Stella Sung (pn)

Awarded First place, Florida State Music Teachers Composition Contest  


Toccata  -  For solo piano  (1984)

Premiere: Univ. of TX at Austin, Austin, TX (Spring, 1985),

Stella Sung (pn)

Published:  Theodore Presser Music Publishers (1989)


Moments Musicaux  -Bk. II- For solo piano (1989-90)

Premiere: College Music Society, Southern Chapter meeting, Stella Sung (pn) Spring, 



Tango Zarabanda - for solo piano (2007)

Commissioned by Kevin Sharpe (pn).

Premiere: Merkin Hall, NY, NY, 




Suite  -  For solo cello  (1986)

Premiere: Recital, First Emanual Feurmann International Cello

Competition, Shawn Sanders (Vc.), Austin, TX (Spring, 1986),


Voices of Time  -  For solo viola  (1992)

Commissioned by the FL. State Music Teachers Association

Premiere: Edward Adelson, (vla), 1993 FL. State Music Teachers Association convention, Tampa, FL (11-8-92)

Commercial recording: MSR Classics MS 1336 (2009), Matitiahu Braun, vla.


Opus 114 - For Organ (2007)

Commissioned by the First Presbyterian Church of Gainesville, FL

Premiere: First Presbyterian Church, Gainesville, FL, Mark Coffey (organ),Gainesville, FL (6-4-07).


Soliloquy- for solo soprano saxophone

Commissioned by Anders Paulsson

Premiere: August 1, 2021 (via internet)


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